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Non-Mom Friends sarasota

Cheers to Non-Mom Friends: We Love You From A-Z

I love my mom friends AND am forever grateful for my non-mom friends. Many of these friendships have lasted decades. In the deluge of diapers and sleep deprivation and the pressure of learning how to raise a human, I know I have taken some of my pre-mom relationships for granted. In honor of National Friends Day […]

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Hurricane Season 2018

Hurricane Season 2018: Are YOU Ready?

I am a native Sarasotan. I was born (a very long time ago) at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Back in the good old days, being ready for hurricane season meant stocking enough rum for your party. Nobody thought Sarasota could be hit by a hurricane. The collective attitude towards hurricanes in our area changed in 2004 […]

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medications and pregnancy

Pregnancy Worries: Is it Safe to Take This Medication?

Taking medication during pregnancy can be a very scary situation! As a pharmacist, I have taught pregnancy pharmacotherapy to pharmacy students, physicians, and to other fellow pharmacists for 8 years. It can be an uncomfortable topic for healthcare professionals AND for pregnant women. Needless to say, when I was pregnant, I avoided medications as much […]

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Momversation Kindergarten Redshirting

Momversation: Kindergarten Redshirting

As mothers, our lives are full of decisions about what’s best for our children and our families. At Sarasota Moms Blog, we want to create a community where moms are free to share diverse thoughts and opinions without feeling guilt or judgement. So, we’re bringing you a new series: Momversations. Each month, we’ll feature a “hot […]

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