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I Got My Daughter’s Ears Pierced and Ugly Cried the Whole Way Home

Boating for the boys, earrings for the girls.

Right now in Florida, fishing and boating season is huge. So with that comes my husband and 4-year-old son going boating on a what seems like a weekly basis. They usually take off on Saturday afternoons leaving our 3-year-old daughter, her baby brother and I at home to make our own fun plans.

On one of these Saturdays, my daughter was super bummed she wasn’t old enough to go out on the boat to fish yet. So we skipped our typical Saturday of eating fancy take-out dinner, watching a movie and snuggling until she falls asleep.

I decided to take her to get her ears pierced.

She has been asking to have pretty earrings like mommy for a while now. So, we painted her nails and toes hot pink (her request, of course) and off we went to get ready to get her ears pierced.

What I didn’t realize is how much the next 2 hours would mean to me.

We went through the whole scenario of how the process would go and watched a video of a little girl getting her ears pierced. I figured at that point she would bail on the whole thing. But no such luck, she was still up for it. It was me who was ready to bail on it; the thought of her in pain and crying was enough to go buy a toy instead and forget the whole thing.

But she was ready for this big girl step. It was me who wasn’t.  

As we walked through the mall, I held her nervous little hand. I couldn’t help but look at my little girl and how big she has gotten. She was so excited to get her ears pierced. She kept repeating all the steps that would take place from the video we watched. I basically wanted to ugly cry the whole rest of the time. The thought of her growing up, pained me. And the regret she would have the moment they pierced her little ear and her realization that it hurt more than mommy said it would, also pained me.

She kept saying, “Mom, I love you.” To which I always reply, “I love you more.”


She was such a champ and only cried for like 10 seconds. Not sure if it was because it didn’t hurt anymore, or because of all the unicorn stuff the store had that she knew I was going to buy her for doing such a good job. Afterwards we went and got mini cupcakes to celebrate. She was so excited to have my undivided attention since baby brother was passed out in the stroller probably from all the unicorn toy excitement. We walked through the mall holding hands, window shopping and talking about everything she saw. I just couldn’t stop looking at her teary eyed. How did we make such a beautiful, kind, perfect little human?



I almost let this day slip by.

My assumptions were way off. Just two hours before this, I thought she would be having a melt down and would leave with only one ear pierced. What I didn’t expect was the amazing bonding experience we would have. I almost let this day slip by. I didn’t think she was ready for it. What I did learn is that kids are ready for more than us parents think they are.

I wanted her to stay little, and that’s what I was trying to hold on to.

It is so important to have days like these with our kids. Sometimes we can let the scheduled groundhog days consume us. This was what days should be made of. Quality time together; making memories that will last forever. I was her best friend, and she will always be mine.


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3 Responses to I Got My Daughter’s Ears Pierced and Ugly Cried the Whole Way Home

  1. Jen October 6, 2017 at 1:12 pm #

    Cool mom, wonderful little “big” girl.

  2. Krista November 30, 2017 at 7:07 am #

    Where did you take her to get her ears pierced? I am looking for a good place to take my daughter.

    • Alexia Eicher November 30, 2017 at 8:43 am #

      Hi Krista, I actually just took her to the Claire’s store in UTC mall. They were awesome!

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