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Why did I even ask my doctor about my pregnancy weight gain?

I am halfway through my pregnancy. (Insert celebration here.)  We have tried for our second child for so long, sometimes it still seems unreal that I am actually pregnant. Those soccer kicks that jar my entire body are a helpful reminder every few minutes thought.  

Infertility is a nightmare.  

With my son, we were pregnant in two months of trying. With this little guy, three long painful years.  The struggle was well worth it and we can’t wait to expand our family.  Three boys versus one girl in my future household — pray for me ladies.  Good thing I like sports.

Cut to this week at my doctor’s office.  I was in for a routine check up.  My doctor is AWESOME.  He is so laid back, funny and I am so happy that I found him.  He reviewed my ultrasound results and test results, then reassured me that everything was going great and he had no concerns.  Then he asked the dreaded question, “Do you have any questions?”

Well, something has been burning away in my brain for the past two weeks.  

A sensitive subject with most pregnant women. Dare I speak up?  Dare I open this can of pregnancy related worms?  To discuss this belly of mine that seemed to pop out of nowhere, the baby bump that has people I haven’t seen in a few weeks staring with eyes wide and blurting, “Wow, you really popped!”

I grit my teeth and smile at these friends. Apparently my draping dresses and flowing shirts are not helping my cause or hiding the bump. It’s like a beacon drawing their immediate attention.  After all, bless their hearts, I know they mean well.  I think…

Yes, I’ve heard it all: You pop sooner with your second; carrying a boy always makes you gain more weight.  And so on and so forth with the halfhearted attempts to explain away the fact that I feel fat.  But am I really fine?

So I blurt it out to my doctor after a few seconds of debating.

 “What are your thoughts on my weight?”

I wait with bated breath as he checks the computer and reviews my starting weight and weight from my last visit then he turns to me and eyes me up.  I instantly know this isn’t going to go my way.  “Well,” he began gently.  “Let’s see if we can maintain this weight until our next visit in four weeks.”

Then I open my big fat mouth and dig myself in even further.  “With my son’s pregnancy, I gained 45 pounds.”

A small smile peeked through before he caught himself.  “Well, it looks like you are on track for that weight gain again.”

So there it was.  All laid out in black and white for me.  I’ve been trying, but it’s HARD!  I work, I have a house to clean and a 7-year-old to run around to sports and after-school activities. I’m starting an in-home business on top of substitute teaching.  I’m TIRED at the end of the day and sometimes things like cooking a healthy pregnancy-friendly dinner slips through the cracks. And did I mention, my back HURTS and I’m TIRED!!!

I agreed to comply with his suggestions.  I swear my fingers were not crossed behind my back!  

Dr. S is so sweet and I know he only wants what is best for me and Baby Boy Lane.  He suggested a few tips for eating as I did before I was pregnant; the added calories were really not necessary.  Swimming and walking would do wonders for me in the back half of my pregnancy, he added.  

I know he means actually swimming but I’m more of a lay on a raft and work on my tan sort of gal.  But maybe I could check out one of those water aerobic classes in my neighborhood. The older ladies love them, why wouldn’t I?  I also suppose he didn’t mean walk through the mall… Our neighborhood is huge and I guess I could really tear it up around here with my big bad self, couldn’t I? Have no fear, I will figure it out.  Just as soon as I find a bathing suit and jogging shorts that fit. 

So here we go.  

Can I do it? Can I maintain the weight?  

Probably not. But with the reality check of my latest visit blatantly displayed before me as I try to check my pedicure but fail, I know it’s worth it.  The less weight I gain now, the less I have to lose later.  I will be more comfortable in the long run and the bigger I get, the more my aches and pains will bother me.  This is my second August baby, so wish me luck ladies.  

This summer is sure to be a challenge but I am up for it.  

So how did you try to stay healthy during your pregnancy? I’d love to hear from you!


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