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Memorial Day Weekend Recipe: Easy, Fresh and Festive Dessert

Red, White & Blue Cake, Cream and Berries


For the last several years, I’ve made this dessert for cookouts, of even just for my family, during Memorial Day and Fourth of July weekends, because it’s so easy, fresh, light and festive. I first made it when we had friends over at out lake house in Indiana (when we lived up there), so every time I make it, it reminds of our little cottage, and brings back warm memories of the fun we had during holidays and other weekends. I love the beaches in Florida, but I do miss our lake life too!

Here is the quick and easy recipe, that is mostly all about assembling the ingredients. No cooking or baking required! This is something you can easily whip up if you get invited to a barbecue or to watch fireworks somewhere, or if you just want to be festive and patriotic at home with your family. And you won’t mind letting your kids have this dessert, at least there’s fruit in it!

I love the patriotic colors that make this ideal for Memorial Day weekend, but this is a wonderful treat for any summer day. My daughter loved helping me with this, adding the berries and then sticking her fingers in the Cool Whip to sneak a taste… I’m sure your kids would love helping out too, since it’s so simple.





Angel food cake, ideally the one that comes in a rectangular-shaped loaf (my first choice, since it is lighter and fluffier) or cake dessert cups (which is what is pictured in my final product, and even easier since you don’t need to slice it into portions)

Cool Whip (or whipped cream or other favorite whipped topping)

Cinnamon, or cinnamon sugar if you want an even sweeter kick


1. Wash the strawberries and blueberries. Slice the strawberries into several thin pieces.

2. If using angel food cake, slice it into individual portion sizes. If you’re using the cups, they are all set!

3. Sprinkle some cinnamon (or cinnamon sugar) on the angel food cake slices or cups.

4. Spread a dollop of Cool Whip on top of each piece of cake. Make sure it’s relatively smooth and even, no big peaks.

5. Decorate it with strawberry slices and blueberries. Put as many or as little as you want, but don’t skimp. You want at least one of each fruit in each bite you take! If you have rectangular-shaped slices of angel food cake, you could decorate them to look like an American flag, with the blueberries in the top left corner, and the strawberries forming stripes, intermittently with the white whip.

6. Take it to your Memorial Day weekend party and enjoy!

*If you want to make this into something more “homemade” and add some baking to the mix, you can make your own yellow cake or angel food cake to use instead of the store-bought version. And you can try this with other fruits as well, if you are not trying to go for a patriotic color scheme.

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