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POP for Sight Words | Making Education FUN!

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Learning at home can be a little daunting. Your child has been at school all day and when they get home they want to do everything but learn. They want to play with their friends, play on the computer, play outside and so on.

While I do believe playtime is important, so is their education. 

If you are anything like my husband and I, we have high expectations for our children and we set the bar accordingly. They know that a grade lower than a B is unacceptable. No, we are not those parents who ride their children and go completely crazy. We are the type of parents who pay enough attention to know what our children are capable of achieving grade wise and we expect it. Our expectations are not unrealistic by any means. 

One way that we like to help with their education at home is having educational toys handy. 

One “toy” that our little guy absolutely loves is a game called POP for Sight Words. There are so many varieties available. There is POP for Blends which boosts phonological awareness, POP for Word Families which helps children learn words with common endings, and POP for Letters for the younger kids, to name a few. There are a ton more available! 

Our particular version is for sight words. The game comes with 92 sight words and 8 Pop cards. The point of the game is to take turns pulling out sight words and trying to get them right. If they get it correct they get to keep the card; if they get it wrong it goes back in the box! If you pull a POP card all of your cards go back in the box. The player with the most wins! You can also play it solo like our guy! He enjoys the challenge of seeing how many he can get correct before pulling a POP card. 

Our guy has pretty much mastered our box and now it is time to go on to box #2! 

For you crafty moms this is definitely something that you can make at home as well. I would recommend you use card stock instead of traditional paper for a more durable result. 

Here are a few links where you can pick up this awesome game: 

POP for Sight Words 

POP for Blends

POP for Sight Words 2

sight words

pop game

sight words

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