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3 Reasons We Say Go See Jungle Book (with the kids!)

Imagination is a gift we are given when we come into this world.

Watching my daughter laugh and enjoy the creativity of Jungle Book at Asolo Repertory Theatre this week reminded me of this. Right before her eyes, four incredibly talented actors played multiple roles and created an engaging performance filled with technology. So why should you take the kids to see Jungle Book?


The play clearly states for children 5 and older, so I had some reservations about bringing my 5-year-old daughter with me. You know that person in the movie theater that won’t shut their mouth and seems to have a comment for every scene and a question to go along with it? Yeah. That’s my daughter. Thankfully, we were towards the back with another kid nearby, but no one seemed to mind when my daughter burst out laughing. No one turned around to give us “the look” when she was asking another question or had to be reminded to whisper or not talk. We are still working on that social norm! Make sure to watch the trailer at the end of this post.

The Story

It has been awhile since I have interacted with Jungle Book, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Would it be more like the Disney version or would Mowgli tell his own story? What the brilliant creators at Asolo Rep did was boldly take Nobel Prize-winner Rudyard Kipling’s classic book and re-imagine it through modern eyes; texting is far more relevant to our kids than any other form of written communication! Therefore, we find Mowgli in the heart of New York City torn between the jungle world and now the human world. He felt as if he did not belong in either. It is a great platform to have a variety of conversations with your kids after the show.


I’m not sure the last time you’ve been to the theater, but I was blown away by the technological aspects of Jungle Book. I have always enjoyed the magical moments where the stage changes completely or a character transforms before your eyes, but Jungle Book has taken it to another level! It truly was an eye-popping multimedia experience that my daughter and I both enjoyed. One of our favorite parts was when the screen showed a text between Mowgli and his sister as they were introducing Mowgli’s struggle with fitting into New York. We chuckled about the emojis used!

Introducing my daughter to the world of theater through Jungle Book at Asolo created a great memory for the both of us. We are now looking forward to attending another production in the future!

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A special thank you to our sponsors, Asolo Repertory Theatre, for being great partners!

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