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Drinking and Grocery Shopping: Lucky’s Market Sarasota

Disclosure: Thank you to Lucky's Market for partnering with Sarasota Moms Blog and serving the community of Sarasota. All opinions are 100% my own.

If you thought drinking Starbucks while walking around Target was amazing, then you need to try drinking Pinot Noir while grocery shopping. Not into wine? Then choose a beer!


Hello, Lucky’s Market Sarasota

On October 11th, a unique addition to the grocery shopping experiencewill open at 3501 S Tamiami Trail

Of course, you can grocery shop anywhere. However, popping open a bottle of wine and drinking from the bottle before checkout is socially inappropriate. At Lucky’s Market Sarasota, sipping and strolling is encouraged, but the rule is you must purchase a glass from their bar to avoid embarrassment.

Take Your Time.

Grocery shopping can be stressful when you have a long list to cover the basics, the allergens, and more, all while somehow not breaking the bank. Lucky’s Market Sarasota has you covered. “We’re a natural and organic food store that proudly carries some of the less-than-healthy, but oh-so-good ingredients we all grew up with and still love.”

As you sip and stroll, while grabbing your weekly essentials, you’ll quickly approach the checkout lanes and you’re all done!  You have organic produce, gluten free snacks (or other specialty snacks for those with allergens), a bag of Cheetos because…..well because, and hormone-free chicken for the week all at affordable prices. Done. No other stop on the way home.

Have Fun.

That’s right, fun while grocery shopping. Imagine yourself tired after a long day of work or heading to the store after your husband gets home. You have your list (or not, we don’t judge!) in hand ready to tackle the store. But instead of being greeted with a feeling of dread you beeline to the bar and order yourself a glass of wine or beer. 

Everything just got a little better.

Final Recommendation

We do recommend that you don’t have too much fun at the store or clue your husband into how much fun you are having because he might want to take over this task!


Let’s Sip and Shop Together!

Sarasota Moms Blog is partnering with Lucky’s Market Sarasota to host an exclusive Sip and Shop on October 18, 2017. This will include a complimentary glass of wine, giveaways, swag bags with goodies and the opportunity to get out and check out Lucky’s Market Sarasota with friends! More information and the ability to purchase tickets is coming soon! 



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