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Keeping Your Children Safe This Summer

The last thing any parent wants is for their child to become a statistic. And the world we live in, it’s normal to worry about your kids when you aren’t with them.

We need to be extremely cautious of who is supervising our children, what technology they have access to and how they are spending their free time, especially during the summer. There are sincere and legitimate reasons to consider about potential threats of abuse and conflict that can arise.

We know being around our children 24/7 is not possible.

When I think about all the threats that pose themselves to my children, it stresses me out. What if someone lures one of them to their car after school before I can get them? What if the behind-the-screen of a seemingly innocent online game lurks an individual with very different intentions? There are so many what ifs!

I’m not trying to be dramatic. I’m trying to be honest.

Gone are the days that kids could wander several blocks away, barefoot, with friends until well after dusk. Gone are innocent online chat rooms about teen angst. The world unfortunately requires hyper vigilance. 

Sometimes, we lose sight of the potential dangers for our kids. Scroll through a few more facts:

But, there is good news…

95% of abuse is preventable through education!

This is why we have partnered with our sponsor, Monique Burr Foundation for Children, Inc., to help you with potential dangers! Summer Safety Matters is a program that you can easily have conversations with your children about situations that are unsafe (including virtual environments) and how to handle them. You will learn how to equip them with the tools and skills to navigate back to safety. Most importantly, it will help you reduce the worry and give you more peace of mind.

The MBF Summer Safety Matters program is available to anyone and incredibly useful. Read through the interactive page with your child(ren) and then take a quiz to see how much you’ve learned! It’s that simple. But something so simple can quite literally keep your child out of harms way in a world that is inherently (and sadly) unsafe.

This newly launched summer safety program focuses solely on education and keeping kids safe as they engage in summer activities and spend more time online. Plus! You can educate and enter to win a Family 4 Pack to Legoland!

Here is how it works:

  • There are 5 major topics to review:
    • 5 Safety Rules (Know What’s Up, Spot Red Flags, Make a Move, Talk it Up and No Blame/No Shame),
    • Safe Adults (What is a Safe Adult? and How Do You Identify a Safe Adult?), 
    • New Places (What questions should parents ask and How to prepare your child for new places), 
    • Unfamiliar Faces (Important conversations to have with your child and How to identify a safe versus an unsafe stranger)
    • Screen Time (Teaching children about digital safety and Cyber-bullying). 
  • Each section has a “lesson” which is geared for both children and adults to work through together.
  • Then there is a quiz.
  • Take the quiz and enter to win a free Family 4-Pack to Legoland!

So, go ahead! Get educated and win with MBF’s Summer Safety Program! 

Thank you to our sponsor, Monique Burr Foundation for Children, Inc., for sharing this valuable information with moms in Sarasota and surrounding counties.
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