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#NewKaleInTown – A guide to Sprouts Farmer’s Market

Old habits die hard…

SRQ mommas, there is a #NewKaleInTown! Sprouts Farmer’s Market opened it’s doors this week in South Sarasota and let me be the first to sing it’s praises from the top of Mt. Fruitville!

And, I know. I get it. I am a born and raised Sarasota girl who grew up with, and has been loyal to, the all mighty Publix — where shopping truly is a pleasure! But hear me out, because Sprouts truly is the real deal for every #srqmom out there! 


But a new habit — regular visits to Sprouts — has begun! 

The new Sprouts Farmer’s Market is located in the Pelican Plaza Shopping Center, at 8330 S. Tamiami Trail.

When you walk into Sprouts you are greeted by the smell of fresh flowers, herbs, and fruits outside the doors. The colors are vibrant and the freshness is undeniable. The greeters are there with the weekly ads (which overlap on Wednesdays — doubling your savings!), and the carts come in different sizes — perfect for quick trips to the Market Corner Deli for an inexpensive, healthy lunch, or a full on Double Ad Wednesday stock up! The layout is easy to navigate, and the store was not one bit intimidating like some other health food stores I have been to.

I am not your average “crunchy mom.” On any given day you will find my kitchen stocked with goldfish, pretzels, and occasionally an ice cream sandwich…or two. But, I didn’t feel overwhelmed with the thousands of products on the cutting edge of the nutrition world. The employees were knowledgeable and approachable! They even offer to cut open any of their produce and sample it before you buy it! Which brings me to my favorite section of the store…


I know a lot of mommas who strive to provide healthy meals and snacks to their families. But sometimes the strain on the wallet can limit the amount of produce we can put in our carts each week. Spouts Farmer’s Market is dedicated to offering “healthy living for less.” All of their produce is priced 20-25% less than other grocery stores! This affords families the opportunity to experiment with a variety of produce each week and create delicious recipes for their families to enjoy!

I stocked up on bell peppers, squash, carrots, onions, asparagus and tomatoes, as well as cantaloupe and pineapple! It was so refreshing to peruse aisles and aisles of produce and not find anything that looked “past it’s prime.” As a mom who lives in the very northern part of the 941 region, this section alone convinced me to make the trip to south Sarasota and do my weekly shopping there!



It’s the complete package!

But Sprouts isn’t just for produce! Sprouts offers a complete shopping experience that includes fresh produce, meat and seafood, bulk foods, vitamins and supplements, packaged groceries, frozen foods, natural body care and household items that fall in line with the growing interest in health and wellness in our community! For families who live a gluten-free lifestyle, there are over 2,500 items in the store that are gluten free to fit your needs! This allows you to give your kids gluten-free options without sacrificing a thing!



Husband (and growing teenage boy) approved!

The Fish Market and Butcher Shop offer fresh, never frozen products at a great cost! From grass-fed beef, to savory fresh fish, this section of the store will keep your husband happy for sure! My favorite item was the cubed steak, which is perfect for stews! The ground beef selection was incredible, and if my toddlers would eat fish, I would have bought it in BULK!

My favorite part about the meat section is that I didn’t feel that I was limited in any way. So often specialty stores have less to offer in meats and seafoods, because their bread and butter is produce or supplements, but this was the exact opposite! You really can do all your shopping in one place and feel confident your purchases are going towards providing nutritious meals and snacks for your family!


Let’s get personal…

The last section of the store I want to share with you is the personal care department. All moms want the best for their kids. And there has been such an incredible movement over the past few years to be more conscious about what we are putting in our kids’ bodies. But what about what we put ON them?

This section offers natural soaps, shampoos, lotions, sunscreen, bug sprays, and even makeup! Whatever you put on your body, they have a natural option for it. They also offer vitamins, supplements and aromatherapy supplies as well. They run tons of specials and discounts to help keep the natural body care lifestyle affordable for the whole family.

See for yourself!

This is opening week for our local Sprout’s location. To celebrate they have some pretty incredible sales, deals, and specials. It’s the perfect time to try it out and see and experience the “Sprouts” difference for yourself! Trust me, your wallet and New Year’s resolution will thank you! 🙂


Thank you to our sponsor Sprouts Farmers Market for sharing your amazing store with us!

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One Response to #NewKaleInTown – A guide to Sprouts Farmer’s Market

  1. Monica April 15, 2017 at 4:44 pm #

    Thanks for the tip Ann! I went in yesterday and LOVED it! You’re so right – the produce was amazing and so low priced! 🙂

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