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5 secrets

5 Secrets Only Running Moms Know

My family recently took a trip to Washington, D.C., for a long weekend. Hands down, my absolute favorite part of the trip was running through our nation’s capitol. I basked in the elegance of the White House, gazed up at the Washington Monument as I passed by, and scaled the steps to the Lincoln Memorial. […]

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She’s a Goal Digger

“What are your hobbies and interests?  What do you like to do?” Does anyone else freeze for a moment when asked those questions?  Do your eyes quickly scan the memory banks of your mind while searching for those long forgotten hobbies that are resting on the back burner because right now, in this very moment, […]

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Is what your doing today going to help you with where you want to be tomorrow_

Goals: Is what you are doing today going to help you with where you want to be tomorrow?

Sometimes we get sidetracked by things that are not conducive to our ultimate goals. Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is going to get you closer to where you want to be tomorrow. Starting a new project, a business, a personal goal, or a new adventure can be very exciting. The rush of adrenaline that […]

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