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World Maternal Mental Health Week: Hang in there – an open letter to new moms

  In honor of World Maternal Mental Health Week… These are examples of the emotional struggles we can all face as we come home with a newborn: You’re in shock, your body feels sore. You open the door of your home, and the familiar smell hits you. It’s comforting. But it strangely feels quiet and empty without […]

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BLOOM: Mother’s Day Event

For the first time, we are excited to present Bloom :: A New and Expectant Mom Brunch. Who :: All Sarasota and surrounding area mothers (you do not have to be expecting to attend!) What :: A {kid-free} brunch in celebration of Mother’s Day happening at Sarasota YMCA Why :: Whether you’re expecting for the first or third time, [...]
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The Sleep Struggle: Surviving Without Sleeping

New moms report that sleep is their number one struggle in the first year of parenting. It starts out with our precious angels growing in our bellies. We get so big and uncomfortable, waking up every hour to pee, that sleep is illusive. The truth is, though, we don’t know how good we had it […]

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The Hour I Wish I Was a Stay At Home Mom

It’s Sunday night at 5:30 PM. I’m heading in to work. This is the hour I miss my baby the most. Some nights, when I leave to go to work my son is so busy playing he doesn’t even notice I’m walking out the door. This particular night, though, he lets out a little cry […]

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Seeking a Mommy Soulmate

As a first time mom, who works outside of the home, I have found it extremely difficult to balance home life and work life while attempting to forge new relationships. To be honest, I have been one of those people all of my life that has valued quality over quantity in friendships and I have […]

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New to Town and Alone

Just me and you. Do you remember that first moment when you realized that it would just be you and your tiny human at home all day long?  I remember. We were new in town. My husband packed up and headed out the door. There I was with my three-week-old daughter, Molina. The only women […]

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