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A Mom’s Guide to Summer Allergies in Paradise, Alias Sarasota

While allergies are usually associated with spring, summer allergies are really common. And, Sarasota, our paradise, is no exception. An allergy is a reaction of the body’s immune system when it has become too sensitive to a substance. There are many types of allergies: food, skin (eczema, dermatitis), pet, eye (conjunctivitis), mold, latex, and cockroach […]

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Playground in Sarasota Guide- North Sarasota (1)

Guide to Playgrounds in Sarasota: North Sarasota

With 2 energetic little boys, our family frequently makes trips to playgrounds in Sarasota. But not all parks are created equal.  Here is my review and ratings of some of our favorite and not-so-favorite parks in North Sarasota.  Park II: Guide to Playgrounds in Sarasota: Central Sarasota click here Park II: Guide to Playgrounds in Sarasota: South […]

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