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Your Rainy Day Guide to Free or Cheap Indoor Fun in Sarasota/Bradenton

Rain. There’s nothing a Florida mom hates more. Except maybe multiple days of rain. Where you’re stuck between the four walls of your house. And the kids ask for a snack every 15 minutes. And your efforts to give them something healthy like fruit are promptly rejected. And whines for lollipops and cookies quickly escalate to full-blown, kicking […]

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Playground in Sarasota Guide- Central Sarasota

Guide to Playgrounds in Central Sarasota

With many park options for families in Sarasota, it’s important to have the inside scoop because, as we have learned, not all parks are created equal.  Here is my review and rating of some of our favorite and not-so-favorite parks in Central Sarasota! Part I: Guide to Playgrounds in Sarasota: North Sarasota click here Park II: Guide […]

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