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Babymoon: Our Weekend Getaway

What is a babymoon?

A babymoon is similar to a honeymoon only instead of celebrating your recent nuptials you are celebrating a recent pregnancy. For some this will be their last getaway as a party of 2. For others it is their last getaway before another little one enters the picture. 

In Sarasota we have a saying… “We live where you vacation” and boy do we live in an amazing area! But there are some times when we need to escape from our own beautiful town! 

We are lucky enough to have a local airport (SRQ) that flies direct to quite a few awesome locations!

A few of the destinations are: 

  • Atlanta, GA (Year Round)
  • Charlotte, NC (Year Round)
  • New York, NY (Year Round)
  • Portland, ME (Year Round)
  • Washington, DC (Year Round)
  • Chicago, IL (Fall, Winter, Spring)

Click here for the entire list. 

For our babymoon we chose Chicago! 

I am not a planner, so this little getaway would be a fly by the seat of our pants experience. The only thing I had planned ahead for was our hotel and I had purchased tickets to see the Blue Man Group. It was the middle of winter and us coming from sunny Florida we were a little unprepared for the weather… it was a bit brutal! I was smart enough to purchase long johns and items for layering for the trip. I would say that making sure you are prepared for the weather of your destination is very important. 

Night 1 … Bulls vs. Mavericks 

We arrived in the evening and decided we wanted to catch a Bulls basketball game. We took a taxi to the stadium and hoped to score some tickets once we arrived. My husband is an avid sports fan so finding tickets was his expertise. I tend to be over paranoid when I am in unfamiliar areas so when my husband approached a man asking for tickets and the gentleman proceeded to walk us about 2 blocks away from the stadium I was a bit panicked. I thought for sure we were going to die… That was it! See ya later! However, there were police stationed everywhere so my nerves were put at ease… kind of… haha! 


Day 2 : A little exploring 

Neither my husband or I had been to Chicago so of course we had to hit all the tourist attractions! 

Walking around the city we discovered this amazing bakery called Magnolia Bakery.

Their lemon bar was unreal and the decor was a dream. I highly recommend you stop in. 

Day 2: LUNCH (because ya gotta eat!)

When in Chicago you must eat where the Chicagians eat! And where do they eat? At Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria! Before we decided on this being our lunch destination we of course had to check out the reviews. Lets just say 5 stars across the board and we were sold. With over 8 locations in the Chicago area and over 48 thoughout the state, you are sure to find one close by! 

Their pizza was AMAZING! We also had the Malnati salad. Sorry New York pizza lovers… I think I love Chicago style! If you decide you HAVE to have it again you can have a pizza shipped to you. 

Night 2: The Blue Man Group!

Neither of us had been to a Blue Man Group show, but I did have an idea of what it was all about. Unfortunately, they do not allow photography during the show, but it was one heck of an experience! Loud music, bright lights, a lot of energy and some light humor. Overall it was a win! 


Day 3: Hibernation

That morning we woke up and discovered that the high for the day was 7 degrees… And when you add in the wind chill? It felt like -2! For this Florida girl whose one requirement when purchasing a car is heated seats because I’m always cold… it meant I wasn’t going anywhere! Instead, we enjoyed breakfast in the hotel and a couples massage. I think we showed the weather who won that day!

Now my husband is a HUGE sports fan and that night the Steelers were playing and there was no way he was going to miss that game! He ventured out in the 2 degree weather to get his football necessities and came back to the room to cheer on his team. If there is anything I have learned from being married to him is you do not separate this man from his sports. HAHA! 


Overall we had an amazing trip!

Are you expecting? If you can get away I highly recommend it!

The reality is your world is about to get turned upside down and finding time to spend together child-free is going to be next to impossible for the first few months. 

What would be your dream babymoon trip? Where would you go? Tell us below!

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