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Calling All Moms: GO ON VACATION … WITH your kids!

Parenthood is the most exhilarating and exhausting journey, ever. 

Do you remember the last time you woke up because you were actually done sleeping?  As in, your eyes opened without a tiny finger poke to the middle of your forehead with a small child behind it announcing that they had just physically seen the sun rise?  Because I didn’t.

Have you felt rejuvenated and renewed recently?  Do you feel as though you could conquer anything that comes your way? Are you feeling like you’re literally on top of the world, bursting at the seams, because life is for the living and you are ready to live?  Because I didn’t. 

Until I went on vacation WITH my daughter.

In mid-June, my daughter (who is 6 and responsible for the poking) and I took a trip out west for a conference that fuels my passions.  She went to a kids camp while I took classes that filled me up and ignited a passion inside.  Furthermore, the sacred and strong bond that we already shared grew immensely and I got to experience joy with my brown-eyed beauty.  We laughed so hard our stomachs hurt, we stayed up late and watched Snow White, and we ate a lot of pizza and apples (we need balance…right?).  

Though we went for a conference, I consider it more of a vacation because upon return, even after searching for my car in the Tampa International Airport parking lot for an hour with an angel on a golf cart, I felt like I was a new person. The memories we shared are documented through an endless amount of pictures that I’m sure will last legacies.  We have now decided that we will take a girls trip at least once a year and that we’re always going to laugh, watch movies, and eat loads of pizza.

But vacations are expensive.

Here’s the thing…they don’t have to be if you are prepared!  Preparation is key and hear this – you can give yourself AN ENTIRE YEAR TO SAVE (or more, or less, depending what works for you) so start now!  You are worth it!  Our family follows the envelope system in regards to our budget because we are not about that debt-ridden life.  We tell our money what to do and where to go instead of vice versa.  

Here are some other tips to get you on that road to vacationville:   

  1. Talk to your friends and go on a group vacation.  Go in on a house or condo, rather than a hotel, and grocery shop when you get to your destination.  You’ll save SO MUCH just right there.
  2. Decide on the dollar amount you’ll need.  Do not be modest when deciding this.  It’s much better to have too much than too less, right?
  3. Save all of your change.  Even the dirty penny you found in the parking lot.  Pick it up.  It can be the difference between $99 and $100.
  4. Save all of your $5 bills.  I know someone who saved every $5 they ever received and was able to build a new kitchen.  Put it away!  That change jar is looking pretty good right now, eh?
  5. DE-CLUTTER.  As moms, you know as well as I do that we SCAVENGE those Mom Swap Shops and Sale Sites and if you aren’t, you are missing out on some bonafide treasures.  Time to switch roles. Go through your kids’ toys and put some in a storage bin.  Leave it in there for a month.  If your kid hasn’t asked for it, pop out your camera, snap that photo, add the caption “smoke and pet free home” (if that’s the case) and post it.  Save that cash.
  6. Print pictures out of your destination of choice and look at them every day.  Visualize yourself there and you will be.  This I promise you.

You are worthy of and deserve great things; go get ’em. Especially a vacation.

With love,

Allie D.

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One Response to Calling All Moms: GO ON VACATION … WITH your kids!

  1. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth July 11, 2017 at 3:01 am #

    Allie!!! This is great!!! As a single mom I wanna travel with just me and my “woo” (yea, it’s a nickname that just stuck lol) PM me on where you went and such and if it was kid friendly…the pictures are beautiful!!!! 🙂

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