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What Happens When Your Dream Changes?


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What happens when your dream changes?

Six years ago all I wanted was success in the direct sales business I was about to start. It was going to change my life and support my family for life. I wanted to be home with my kids and have a thriving business. I achieved all I envisioned and more. A multiple six-figure income, a network of inspiring people, and time and freedom were mine, yet last week I sold my business. After almost two years of wondering what was wrong with me for not feeling happy, the answers came. My guilt lifted and clarity came rushing in like a Florida thunderstorm. My dream changed and that is just fine. 

Leaving Doesn’t Change The Experience

Change is hard when you focus on the loss, instead of the gain. Praying to get unstuck and find the passion I had the first three years wasn’t working. Everyone goes through down times but mine was lasting too long for my comfort. Walking away felt impossible, irresponsible, and insane, if I am honest. I kept thinking about how far I had come. I reached a destination others strive for. If I leave, what was the point of all of it? It was not until someone told me leaving does not take away all I learned, the people I met, the lives I changed, and lessons taught. I am not who I was when I started and if I do not leave I won’t become the next version of me I am seeking. 

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Money Shouldn’t Keep You On Its Own

Leaving a substantial income was part of the quicksand pulling me from change. I have a family to support and it felt selfish to not allow that to be reason enough to stay. After all, you know the saying, money doesn’t grow on trees. This feeling of dread that I could not match this income if I left, led me to work on my relationship with money. Going from shy introverted mom to thriving business owner in the sales arena, I learned we are only limited by our beliefs about ourselves. Money is easy to make. That is my truth and no one can convince me otherwise. My good friend reminded me, money is the easiest relationship you will ever have because it doesn’t have emotions or talk back. Money is not enough on its own without being tied to a purpose and I needed to find a new one. 

I Was Not Lucky

I started to fear I was just lucky. A one hit wonder who would not be able to duplicate success in another business. What if I was just in the right place at the right time? I laugh now as I write this but this lie whispered in my ear many times this past year. When I examined the evidence I realized luck had nothing to do with it. I read books and listened to coaches. Even though the journey was messy, I learned quickly when to pivot. I wiped my tears and kept going when things got tough. I watched people quit left and right but I stayed in the ring. Luck had nothing to do with it. We all create our own luck and it rarely looks Pinterest worthy. 

A Dream Is Meant to Change

This is my new motto. My dream has changed and that is a beautiful thing. When I reached the top of one mountain I got tired so I rested for a little while. Then the clouds parted and I saw another mountain calling my name. Fear is no longer holding me back. I am ready to climb. The only difference this time is the wisdom to know the journey needs to be enjoyed and this won’t be my last mountain. 

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