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Maternity Leave Is Over….and I’m Happy It Is.

My (second) little girl recently turned two months old. She is such an easy baby. She barely ever cries, smiles on cue, and loves to snuggle.

She is every mother’s dream baby, and yet….

I can’t wait to go back to work.

I’m sure some of you are thinking, what’s wrong with this lady? Who wouldn’t want to spend more time with their baby?

Who looks forward to going to work?Well, hear me out. Read on to see why I was ready for maternity leave to be over.

It gives me a purpose besides being a mom.

Stay-at-home moms, I have said this often, you’re the real MVPs. I struggle a lot mentally when I am home 24/7 with my kiddos. We soak up every second of family time over the summer when I am home with them, but I am 100% ready to get back to work once the school year begins again. Switching from “mom mode” to “work mode” helps me stay sane. I feel the same way about going back to work now that my leave is over.

I get back on a schedule.

During maternity leave, all normally scheduled things go out the window. (Except naps & bedtime, because those are sacred!!) When I go back to work, I can schedule SOO much more. I’m talking set wake up time, workout scheduled, meals planned and prepped, all of it! Having a schedule/routine helps my brain destress and keeps the whole family happy.

I’m healthier.

See #2. Workouts & meals are planned and scheduled. This is KEY! On leave, I woke up whenever my kids did, fit my workouts in whenever I could, and ate whatever was lying around the house. (Curse you Magnum Ice Cream Bars!!) When I’m working, I portion my healthy food out and bring it to work with me. No chocolate calling my name and really no time to think about junk food either as my days are jam packed. As for my workouts, I either wake up early to get them in or do them in my classroom after the school day ends.

I spend more quality time with my kids.

That’s right. Less TOTAL time with them equals more QUALITY time. It sounds wacky, I know, but it’s true for me. Knowing that I won’t see them for 8+ hours of my day makes me savor every single second I have with them. That means putting the phone down and picking up the Legos.

Now, I am completely aware that every child/family is different, and you may not feel this way at all!

You may adore being a stay-at-home mama and that is GREAT! If you don’t, though, if you’re like me and look forward to going back to work after maternity leave, that’s great too!! You are not alone.

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